Paint Balloons

Paint Balloons

I took this picture for an English project where I filled water balloons up with paint and popped them to make a picture. I am proud of this picture because of the quick shutter speed that froze the pain and the dart in midair. I also like the way the lines look on the canvas and with the tacks that are lined up to hold the water balloons.


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  1. You did a good job using the fast shutter speed to capture the paint in midair! I really like how the colors pop in the picture and how you can see the textures of the wall and of the paint on the canvas.

  2. That is really cool and creative how you did this shot. I like all the different colors and all the colors pop and complement each other.

  3. I love this action shot! I think you could have brightened the colors to make the picture not look as dull. Try experimenting in photoshop! It has potential to be a strong picture!

  4. I like how you used the quicker shutter speed to capture that paint and the dart. I like how it all looks like something always happening as well. I also like the perspective you used. It makes the image pop more with the moving object.

  5. Excellent use of the faster shutter speed! I love how the paint just looks like it is floating in mid air! The angle that you shot the painting at is also very unique.

  6. I really like this shot. I really like how you were able to capture the dart in mid air and stopped the paint before it hit the board.

  7. i like how there are so many different colors and how artsy it is!

  8. I really enjoyed discovering the paint canvas in the background. The canvas below the balloons is a simple feature of the composition, yet it adds a better purpose and meaning to the picture because it allows the paints to have purpose in the environment in which it interacts with other features and dimensions. Good Job!

  9. rebeccafesperman

    This photo is really cool. The falling paint creates lines that look really unique. I also like the ruggedness of the picture as well.

  10. I really like how you caught the paint in midair this is really cool!

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